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Treatments & value chain

506, 130

Total  # of Patients treated for NCDS *

Patient care  

369, 133

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HCP empowerment 


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* Sanofi internal data at end Q1 2024
** Sanofi internal data at end Q4 2023

Delivering sustainable impact  

We believe that the only way to improve the health of more people in low and middle income countries is through a sustainable, ​long-term commitment and approach, rooted in the principles of a primary health organization.​​

That is why we have developed an accessible solution called Impact that allows us to bring to market a range of standard-of-care treatments in your country, equivalent to brands marketed in other countries.

Our purpose

Availability of treatments  

Improving access to Sanofi quality treatments through innovative and inclusive healthcare.



Providing quality treatments at affordable prices to widen access to standard-of-care medicines.

health systems  

Supporting local health systems through impactful partnerships that drive sustainable change.

Impact Products

Discover our portfolio of Impact products with standard-of-care medicines for non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Therapeutic areas


Explore our resources to support effective care for people living with diabetes in the most vulnerable communities.

Cardiovascular diseases

Get an overview of our work with cardiovascular diseases and how we can help support you and your patients.


Discover our resources aimed at delivering effective care for oncology patients.

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