The Impact Fund’s Values and Mission


In a context where non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are on the rise, access to quality healthcare remains insufficient and largely inadequate for the majority of the population in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Innovators are coming up with new technologies and business practices to address the well-known health systems challenges, including supply chain inefficiencies, low traceability of medicine, unaffordability of care, insufficient training of medical staff, inaccessibility at the last mile, lack of preventative behaviors, and others.


We believe it is our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of those most in need and help create sustainable change by creating equitable access to medicine and initiatives that strengthen healthcare ecosystems.


The Sanofi Impact Fund supports the scale-up of inclusive sustainable local ventures that deliver innovative and tailored solutions to local challenges by improving access to affordable quality treatments and care for underserved patients at the last mile, combining digital innovation and on-the-ground delivery models. By providing inclusive business financing and technical assistance, the fund helps address the healthcare financing gaps that continue to persist in many LMICs.

The Impact Fund's Investment Approach

Our Impact Focus is on the highest unmet needs

A unique focus on underserved patients and lower income countries (40 countries spread across Sub Saharan Africa and South-East Asia).

Focus on the burden of non-communicable diseases.

Emphasis on business model scalability and replicability potential.

Our Investment features: “Impact first” patient capital, and tailored instruments

€25M Fund providing €0.5M-5M equity, quasi-equity and hybrid direct investments.

Investing as minority shareholder.

Impact first, capital preservation.

Investment horizon up to 10 years to form long term partnerships with portfolio companies.

    • Early-stage (pre-series A) and growth-stage (post-series A & beyond) companies.
    • At least 6 months of revenues generated through the current business model (annualized revenue >€500K), with an actionable and credible business plan towards profitability and a strong potential for scale.
    • Strong impact-driven leadership team, local founders/top management with a deep understanding of the sector and the local market.
    • Operating on last mile supply chains and targeting hard-to-reach facilities.
    • Combining digital innovation and on-the-ground delivery models.
    • Being NCD relevant or focused i.e., improving access to primary healthcare or NCD-focused secondary care.
    • Improved supply chain models supporting pharmacies, drug shops, and health facilities in the last mile (sourcing, inventory management, financing, and other digital and data-based solutions),
    • B2B(2C) digital models for healthcare providers improving patient care services and continuum of care e.g. assisted telemedicine or last mile healthcare connectors,
    • Improved care delivery and financing models with a focus on NCDs (e.g. NCD specific hospitals and clinics, NCD specific risks and prevention models).

Our Additionality: Beyond capital, a long-term strategic partner

Working hands-on with management on technical assistance pre and post investment and additionality project.

Leveraging Sanofi internal capabilities, access to experts and networks.

Exploring synergies with Sanofi Global Health through access to an affordable range of products under the Impact brand, grants to de-risk innovation, public-private partnerships and/or advocacy.

Ability to attract catalytic funding.

Our Portfolio

Our Team

Laura Collet 

Head of the Impact Fund

Guillaume Laurioz 

Senior Investment Manager

Aurélie Ette Askia

Senior Investment Manager

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