How we make an impact

Aligned with United Nations Sustainability goals 3, 8, and 17, we strive to make a difference in combating primary health challenges in low and middle income countries. Our efforts focus on the following areas:

Improving Patient outcomes

Providing treatments at access prices and co-designing programs with public & NGO partners.

Building impactful multisectoral partnerships

Financing programs with public & NGO partners and supporting the scale-up of social businesses, including equity investments.

Strengthening Health Systems

Providing non-financial support, technical assistance & mentorship through employee engagement.

The Impact Brand

The Impact brand is focused on health care for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and diabetes, in selected countries where we operate across the globe.

 The challenge of NCDs

Each year, 17 million people die from an NCD before the age of 70 and 86% of these premature deaths occur in low and middle income countries.1

    • NCD treatments are long and costly and they contribute to poverty due to substantial medical costs and high out-of-pocket expenditure.
    • People in low and middle income countries have less access to effective and equitable healthcare services, leading to late detection of diseases and a higher risk of premature deaths.

How we address the challenge

To address the health challenges of NCDs in developing countries, the Global Health Unit of Sanofi has developed an accessible solution bringing to market several standard-of-care NCD treatments under the brand name of Impact (INN + Impact).

The provision of the Impact range by GHU countries will replace pre-existing identical heritage Sanofi brands for these conditions.

 Same quality, different name

With no compromise on quality, the only thing that changes from the Sanofi product brands to the Impact brand is the name and packaging.

    Launching Impact instead of original Sanofi brands enables us to:

    • Provide more accessible prices for these essential medicines, thus offering more value to reach more patients
    • Employ one unique pack across countries where we operate to help prevent parallel trade

    For more information about this change, visit our FAQ

Jon Fairest
Head of Global Health Unit, Sanofi

 We are working to improve access to essential medicines while supporting quality and sustainable healthcare for people in countries with the highest unmet medical needs. It's critical that we work with global, regional and local partners, to bring transformative and lasting change. By building end-to-end health programs that are embedded in the communities they serve, we have the greatest opportunity to improve care and create a more resilient world  

How we work

Discover the core of what we do to address NCDs health challenges and improve care for patients.

The Impact Fund’s Values and Mission


In a context where non communicable disease are on the rise, access to quality healthcare remains insufficient and largely inadequate for the 6.5 billion people in low and middle income countries (LMICs). Innovators are coming up with new technologies and business practices to address the well-known health systems challenges, including supply chain inefficiencies, low traceability of medicine, unaffordability of care, insufficient training of medical staff, inaccessibility at the last mile, lack of preventative behaviors, and others.


We believe it is our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of those most in need and help create sustainable change by creating equitable access to medicine and initiatives that strengthen healthcare ecosystems.


The Sanofi Impact Fund supports the scale-up of inclusive sustainable local ventures that deliver innovative and tailored solutions to local challenges by improving access to affordable quality treatments and care for underserved patients combining digital innovation and on-the-ground delivery models. By providing inclusive business financing and technical assistance, the fund helps address the healthcare financing gaps that continue to persist in many LMICs.

The Impact Fund’s Investment approach

Impact Focus, on highest unmet needs

  • Investment in early and growth stage companies.
  • A unique focus on lower income countries (40 countries spreads across Sub Saharan Africa and Sout-East Asia) and underserved patients.
  • Focus on the burden of non-communicable diseases.
  • Emphasis on business model scalability and replicability potential.

Investment features: “Impact first” patient capital, and tailored instruments

  • €25M Fund providing €0.5M-5M equity, quasi-equity and hybrid direct investments.
  • Investing as minority shareholder.
  • Impact first, capital preservation.
  • Investment horizon up to 10 years to form long term partnerships with portfolio companies.
  • Ability to attract catalytic funding

Additionality: Beyond capital, a long-term strategic partner

  • Working hands-on with management on technical assistance pre and post investment and additionality project.
  • Leveraging Sanofi internal capabilities, access to experts and networks.
  • Exploring synergies with Sanofi Global Health through access to Impact® affordable range of products, grants to de-risk innovation, public-private partnerships and/or advocacy.

If you need any additional information about Sanofi’s GHU and the Impact Fund, please send an e-mail to:

Our investments

    In many low and middle income countries, access to healthcare professionals often results in a heavy reliance on pharmacists for primary health care. We have partnered with SwipeRx, the leading technology platform supporting remote and fragmented pharmacies to improve the availability and affordability of medicines and patient care across Southeast Asia. SwipeRx is a single platform enabling online education and collaboration, centralized purchasing, financing, and logistics solutions for pharmacists. 

    One in every three pharmacists in Southeast Asia utilizes SwipeRx. This agreement, which includes both a financial investment and leveraging Sanofi’s business expertise, will support SwipeRx’s ability to strengthen and scale its business model in lower-income Global Health Unit countries, like Cambodia.

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