How we work with cardiovascular diseases

We work to ensure the accessibility and availability of cardiovascular medications, particularly in low and middle income countries with a high unmet need for treatment. Simultaneously we are dedicated to implementing initiatives that strengthen healthcare systems in these communities to support better care for people with cardiovascular diseases.

Did you know?

For 60 years Sanofi has been dedicated to continuously evolving and working closely with healthcare partners to provide solutions to cardiovascular diseases.

Resources for healthcare professionals

Stay up-to-date on a selection of current resources and guidelines within the therapeutic area of cardiovascular diseases.

Resources for patients with cardiovascular diseases

Explore resources for patients and caregivers.

Your heart health

A handy guide with a glossary of important words and definitions used within the cardiovascular area, including risk factors and symptoms of heart diseases.

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Discover our Impact products for treating cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases.

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