How we work with oncology

We are committed to strengthening cancer care in Global Health Unit countries to provide better options for patients. We collaborate on programmes to increase awareness of cancer, helping to drive earlier diagnosis and a greater chance of cure. Through forming partnerships with hospitals and universities we support the training of more doctors to treat cancer. We strive to make our essential oncology medicines available where there is a high need for cancer treatment.

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Breast Health Awareness

Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide and the leading cause of cancer death among women. But breast cancer can be cured if detected early, and early detection starts with breast health awareness.

Breast health awareness means knowing your breasts and understanding what changes are normal for you each month. By examining your own breasts regularly, you will be more likely to spot when something isn’t right – and you should always ask a healthcare worker to check anything you are worried about or anything new. Changes and lumps can be harmless or harmful, so your healthcare professional will need to make a diagnosis, and if treatment is needed you can then start this promptly.

The leaflet explains more about breast cancer, breast health awareness and how to examine your own breasts. Your doctor can tell you more about breast disease - make sure to ask them what you can do to stay healthy when you see them next. And if you are ever worried about breast disease, make sure to see them without delay.

C/Can Cancer navigator Kigali

Read more about how City Cancer Challenge Foundation supports Rwanda Biomedical Center in strengthening the patient navigation programme.

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