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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Haiti. Approximately 7% of the Haitian population has diabetes (1) and this number is expected to rise rapidly over the next few decades. 40% of patients with diabetes are also hypertensive. 

Haiti also faces a severe shortage of healthcare providers with expertise in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Presently there are only four known endocrinologists providing care to a nation of over 10 million people. They are all located in the West department, specifically in Haiti capital, Port-au-Prince (P-au-P).

FHADIMAC, located in Port-au-Prince, is a well-established private non-profit foundation since 1987 that serves as the main center for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases care, awareness, and screening. Sanofi’s Global Health Unit is partnering with FHADIMAC to implement in the South region of Haiti, specifically in the town of Jeremie a FHADIMAC branch (FJ). 

FHADIMAC-Jeremie (FJ) will provide comprehensive care to patients diagnosed with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. This FHADIMAC branch will start on a small scale with an emphasis on diabetes prevention awareness. Community health workers (CHW) will be outreaching to the population in the field, promoting diabetes prevention and screening for diabetes and hypertension. This branch will mirror FHADIMAC headquarter.

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