Collaborating for Impact

Sanofi's Global Health Unit was a key sponsor and participated in the EVPA summit 2023 in Venice, built around actionable solutions that unite corporates – because we each have vital roles to play in collaborating for impact. 

Over 200 participants with 18 speakers talking about accelerating the Corporate Journey, creating coherence between business & impact, and coming together for collective impact action. 

Our participation at the EVPA 2023

Sanofi co-led 3 discussions over 2 days. 

  • Jon Fairest, Head of Sanofi's Global Health Unit participated in a panel discussion on Impact Ready: How to influence the corporate impact journey.  
  • Laura Collet, Head of Strategy & Inclusive Business Models in Sanofi's Global Health Unit co-led 2 workshops discussing Building the Business Case for Impact & Come Together for Health 
woman talking on stage at the EVPA summit in Venice with other speakers and participants

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